The Deal

(For Labels)
Over 240 artists currently onboarded.
Over 240 artists currently onboarded.
For Labels, please get in contact with us directly at submissions@spheretrax.com
split on all sync fees.
When working with a label, we act as a sync agent, meaning you retain 100% of all master & publishing rights. What's more once a track has been synced by a client, the money is paid directly into your account - no more headaches waiting around for PROs to pay out.
Our Philosophy.
Something had to change.
Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult for musicians to make a living from their craft. Streaming services have made it harder than ever to make a living from royalties, and the pandemic has made it even harder to make money from live performances. Alongside this, licensing platforms that 'buyout' tracks are preying on independent artists, offering them a one-off fee for their music and then selling it on to clients for a much higher price.

SphereTrax is committed to making a change, and we know it starts with the contracts.
For more information, contact our A&R team at submissions@spheretrax.com