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on Screen.

Join our team of world-class creators creating music for the worlds biggest brands, trailers, films, video games and more.


At SphereTrax, we are looking to partner with amazing creators from around the world. What matters most to us is building relationships with talented, passionate, creators. All genres welcome.


As creators ourselves, we wanted to do something revolutionary: prioritise the artist. Our Composer-Majority ownership model means that you keep more of your rights and returns, both at the point of license and as the residuals come through.

We offer you the artist the lion’s share of mechanical royalties (75% -%25 in the artist’s favour)

Your Music.
Now in Atmos.

Have you ever wondered what your music would sound like at it’s most immersive? At SphereTrax, we have a team of experienced Mix/Master Engineers who will mix your tracks in Dolby Atmos for our platform. We will also release your tracks for you on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Tidal.

Submit your track as stems and sit back as we turn it into a three-dimensional experience. Incredibly, we offer this to all of our artists, as standard.


Forget about having your work placed at the very back of a production music library, collecting dust. At SphereTrax, we have no ‘back of the library’ - our search algorithm is dynamic, unique and all-encompassing, meaning that your track will be easily discovered, so it can quickly get synced, and you can get paid.

Open for Submissions.

If you’d be interested in getting your music in the hands of top creative agencies, Film and TV companies, trailer houses, games designers and more, please get in touch below: