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Introducing our cutting-edge suite AI-powered music licensing tools, designed from the ground-up to help you discover, synchronise and license the perfect track for your next project in just a matter of seconds.

Search, redefined for music.

Need a little less tension? More violin? How about 80s? Our system of over 150 faders is an innovative, completely customisable search experience.

100s of faders

Fine tune your search with our limitless faders, from tempo to genre to mood.


Work in real time with your team, or share in seconds with your clients.

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Copy & paste your creative brief and watch how our integrated AI finds the track for you in seconds. Get exactly what you want, even if you don't know what you need.

Drag & drop your video once, test multiple tracks instantly.

Our suite of search tools aim to revolutionise the way that music is targeted, discovered and licensed.

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SphereTrax Creators

Authentic music, world-class artists.

SphereTrax is a place where music is respected as an art form. We work with a diverse range of global artists, bringing you the best tracks, whatever the genre, elevating your project and transporting your audience to new heights.

Sefi Carmel
United Kingdom
Réya Wahab
Dusko Segvic
Roy Reemy
Featured Tracks by SphereTrax Artists:

Forgotten Thoughts

Pablo Tovar



If I Could Say

Roy Reemy

Smooth Moves

Duško Šegvić

You Bleed I Bleed

Mosese Parker

Flower Island

Sefi Carmel

The Maze


Tierra Olvidada

Réya Wahab

What Do I Want

Jonathon Bitton

Uncertainty (Piano Version)

Mike Caral

SphereTrax Immersive Formats

Immersive audio
as standard.

It's time to take your projects to the next level with immersive formats. Dolby Atmos is the standard for tracks on our platform and many are available in 7.1 & 5.1 surround formats out of the box.
5.1 Surround
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