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SphereTrax is a carefully curated gallery of high end soundtracks and songs, a cutting edge label and an innovative marketplace. Disrupting and revolutionising the way music is placed, synced and licensed in feature films, TV, trailers, commercials, games, VR, AR and XR formats.

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SphereTrax Search


The Search Engine Designed For

We know that finding the right track can be a daunting task. It’s the proverbial needle in a haystack. Scrolling through lists of thousands of tracks that are “sort of in the ballpark”, or “ok- ish”, can be a frustrating experience. At SphereTrax, we want to give searching power back to our clients, so that you can find precisely what you are looking for quickly and easily.

That’s why we have created a unique, bespoke interface that is built for you - the creative.

Where tracks can be discovered through dialling in musical parameters like tempo, key, time signature, instrumentation and genre, alongside ‘emotional’ parameters, like how happy, sad, reflective or epic a track is.

Our unique software - powered by machine learning - integrates with our search algorithms to create the ultimate search experience, and help you find what you’ve looking for, faster.

SphereTrax Investment
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SphereTrax Formats

Dolby Atmos
As Standard.

Immersive Formats. Future-Proof Audio.

We are passionate about immersive experiences. That’s why we mix all of our composers’ music in Dolby Atmos, 7.1 & 5.1 surround formats. We will take stereo stems from talented composers located around

the globe, and mix them in Dolby Atmos, ready for cinema, games, VR, AR and XR, future proofing your music, in preparation for innovative uses in the coming era of the Metaverse.

SphereTrax Composers

Your Music.
On Screen.

With our vast global network of clients, alongside our innovative search platform, you can be sure that your music will reach leading filmmakers, advertising agencies, trailer houses and games designers from all over the globe. SphereTrax is here to get your tracks heard by the top industry professionals looking to place music in leading on-screen and immersive content, helping you effectively monetise your creations.

SphereTrax Blockchain

Swift, Accurate, Secure

Simplified Licensing.
Transparent History.

We have greatly simplified the licensing process, making it easier and quicker to purchase a license, assuring swift payments to composers and content creators.

Using blockchain technology, we can assure a transparent licensing process, where rights owners are notified and paid instantly, when their content has been placed, and clients can have clear visibility of a track’s licensing history.