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Reinventing the music search experience.

Time-saving, ethical music licensing from our gallery of global artists, on a revolutionary search platform.

SphereTrax Discovery

For the first time: search, with feeling.

Search, With Feeling.

Over 150 Faders to choose from, everything from moods to genres to more. Have complete control over your search, simply by moving faders up and down.

Search Assistant

Simply copy & paste your creative brief. Our smart assistant will help you find the perfect track in seconds.

Preview your video

Upload your video and instantly see how your track fits with your visuals.

Design the perfect soundtrack, together.

With real-time editing, timeline comments and the ability to instantly share preview links with clients - SphereTrax’s collaborative features will save you team time and allow you to work from anywhere.

SphereTrax Testimonials:

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"Searching through music libraries has always been unintuitive and a point of frustration for me. SphereTrax has completely transformed the creative process into something fluid, and intuitive. I’m only wondering why it hasn’t been done sooner!"

Michael Wakelam, Animation Director & Founder @ Anthem Studios

Dolby ATMOS,
as standard.

The first music licensing platform to support Dolby ATMOS from the ground up. Save time & money on your next immersive project.

Simplified Licensing: From testing to production, in seconds.

In five clicks, have your perfect license delivered directly to your inbox. As soon as you purchase a license, our artists get paid instantly & directly. And when you’re ready, refresh the license with a single click of a button.

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