SphereTrax Video Games

Immersive music
for next-gen games.

The SphereTrax platform is designed with game studios in mind, providing an immersive, ai-powered search experience and a streamlined, end-to-end licensing process.

SphereTrax Immersive Search

Search, redefined.

You've found a track you like but you need more tension? How about Jazz? Or maybe a something a little more dramatic? Faders are the perfect way to customise to your search.

SphereTrax Licensing

Simplified licensing.

Forget navigating to third parties and waiting for approvals. With our global licensing platform, you can get your license in seconds.

Immersive audio
as standard.

At SphereTrax, we are huge believers in immersive audio. That's why all of our tracks are mixed in Dolby ATMOS, ready for VR games, apps and experiences.

Download stems
at no additional cost.

Once you've purchased a license, you can track it's usage and download it from the licenses page in your account. An email with your license is also sent on purchase.

It's time to breathe new musical life into your projects.

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