SphereTrax For Creative Agencies

Designed by creatives
for creatives.

Our end-to-end music licensing solution will speed up your workflow and help you to deliver better results for your clients.

SphereTrax Collaboration

soundtrack design.

Invite your co-workers and teammates to collaborate on your project in real-time. With SphereTrax, you can work together on the same project, and make changes to the soundtrack in real-time.

SphereTrax Timeline

Say bye to
batch rendering.

Tired of downloading hundreds of tracks to find the perfect one? With our timeline, you can drag and drop your video into our search engine and instantly search for a list of tracks that match your video.

SphereTrax Playlists


Don't have a video to sync to music yet? Create playlists with your team and share them with your clients. It's a familiar process that you're probably already used to, and it's a great way to get your client's feedback on the music that you've chosen.

SphereTrax Sharing

Keep your clients
in the loop.

Forget rendering 10 projects, with 10 different soundtracks. With SphereTrax Timeline, you can share your project with your client and get their feedback on the music that you've chosen, in real-time.

It's time to breathe new musical life into your projects.

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